Use word documents
to assemble learning content

Robot arm carrying documents for conversion in a machine

The aim of this tool is to get your content e‑learning ready in a matter of minutes.

CourseAssembler is a browser-based content conversion and authoring tool that gets your content e-learning ready.

Upload, convert and combine documents, slides, quizzes, audio, video, H5P and markdown into a SCORM package.

Need learning content fast?

CourseAssembler is like an assembly line for your content. You might already have a workflow for authoring your content in PowerPoint or Google Docs, or designing your imagery in Illustrator. Perhaps you’ve been building developing some pretty sweet H5P interactions but your LMS doesn’t support support it yet.

Let our robots do the heavy lifting for you. They’ll make your content web-ready, converting all your formats to HTML5. You can quickly add a simple menu or navigation, record audio over each page if need be, and bam! You’re SCORM-ready. Already.

Think in minutes, not hours or days.

How it works

Robots at an assembly line
Coins, credit cards and reciepts

A cost effective alternative.

Buying a leading elearning authoring tool is an expensive endevour. You can spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on what is, after all, a recreation of your existing toolset. Perhaps their toolsets are only available on Windows, and you’re a macos shop. Some tools may be open-source and free but have such a high learning curve you feel you need a degree in computer science to begin. Or they require you to know how to code.

Maybe you have been exploring your alternatives and discovered tools that let you begin converting documents only to be hit with a hidden paywall. Frustrating!

CourseAssembler has a simple, honest, pay-as-you-require pricing model.

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All of the features you need. None of the bloat.

Elearning content editor sitting at a desk converting documents online


SCORM compliance - works where you need it to. Or you can turn SCORM off and use it like a regular HTML5-compliant web page.

Laptop, mobile and desktop computers showing the same design in a responsive layout


Responsive content adapts to fit the screen - it works wherever your learners are, with whatever they have.

A packet of pencil which represents how quickly the styling can be applied


No-nonsense learner friendly designs that require no design, coding or technical skills. Don't get lost in options - just pick and go.

A cloud of common office and graphic format icons that Course Assembler supports


Works with all your favorite formats, inluding many online sources. We'll convert it to be web friendly. Use the formats and editors you are comfortable with.

No recurring fees*. No conversion limits or premium content hidden behind paywalls.