CourseAssemblerBlog10 Jun, 2021

Storing themes and courses

In this update we add the ability to store a preset. These are stored server-side against your licence key. They disappear when your licence expires, so it's more valuable for longer licence holders.

You can also publish a course to be stored on the server, and pick it up again on the 'Import Zip' dialogue. Pretty useful when you are trying out variations of a course, or have a common set of pages you always apply to your courses.

Save to server

You find this on the Download page. Publishing is just as easy and quick as previewing or downloading your zip (it's doing the same thing, only we store it for you).

Picking up saved courses

Under the 'Import Zip' page there is a list of the courses that you have saved. You can import the course, download it, or delete it.

Storing themes

You can already edit a theme, but the changes weren't persisted. Now you can save a copy of a theme which is stored against your licence. Now you can make a theme that is right for your situation so all future courses can use it. To make a copy of a theme, just show the editor below a theme, then press 'Save preset'.

Load your preset by clicking on the icon as you would any other theme.

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