CourseAssemblerBlog12 Jul, 2021

Themes overhaul, part 2

Themes have received more updates, predominantly changes to the menu as well as some visual changes in the editor and minor bugfixes. The editor has had some icon changes made to the menu: Icon helpers have been added for renaming and deleting navigation items due to some accessibility issues renaming pages and using keyboard shortcuts for navigation (depending on where focus was). You cna now get a better idea of what types of item each navigation page is by its icon. The drag and indent icons have also changed to better represent the action they perform.

Menu items can now be indented twice - that's one whole extra place!

There are now Sections, Captioned images, and a bunch of bugfixes!


You can now insert a Section in your menu which represents a visual grouping or break in the navigation structure. For themes using a drop-down list for navigation (such as the Floating or Slide navigation) this creates a grouping within the select box. For themes using a menu system such as Menu or Dock, this draws an expandable section which the user can also expand or contract. Sections also represent Scorm Objectives; each section automaitcally adds a new objective with its own score and completion status (supported in Scorm 1.2 and 2004).

Themes supporting Sections have also been updated to support styling of Section items - see the documentation for further details.

Bug Fixes

Other changes

Added a Captioned image page type. This allows the user to choose whether to inlude the Zoom functionality on images, and optionally to add text and headings to images and choose a predefined style and colouring for the page.

Removed the automatic Image Zoom functionality on directly embedded images (unexpected behaviour).

Tweaked the design of the score requirement slider for videos and slideshare embeds.

Added the ability to show or hide the seek bar for videos (replicates the Video 2 Scorm functionality). All videos (YouTube, Vimeo and directly embedded mp4) all use the same player skin.

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